Life Groups

One of the most effective ways to get involved and meet new people at Oakwood is to join one of our many Life Groups. Life Groups are small group bible studies consisting of 6-10 people. Life Groups typically meet on Sunday Mornings, but there are a few that meet on alternate days. Life Groups are a way to not only study God’s Word, but it is a place to meet new friends that will help you apply the truths of scripture to your everyday life. For more information on how to join one of our Life Groups, simply fill out the short request form and one of our staff members will be in contact with you.

Connecting our LIFE Together
We aren’t designed to live out our lives alone. God designed us to have relationships. Our most important relationship is with Him, but He also wants us to have deep and meaningful relationships with others around us. In fact, He tells us to do so in His Word. He wants us to share with one another; He wants us to pray with and for one another. Our prayer for our LIFE Group is that you connect with others, building long lasting friendships and relationships that are fundamental for living LIFE.

Growing our LIFE Together
We are disciples of Jesus. We are His students but we not only want to learn from Him, we want to be like Him. LIFE Groups, while sometimes giving practical applications for daily life, helps us to grow our LIFE and become more like Jesus by sharing our collective knowledge and gifts.

Impacting the LIFE of Others
We are here to impact the lives of others by taking the Gospel to the world. That doesn’t have to mean preaching. It can mean sharing. It can be a kind word. It can be a helping hand. It is having an impact on those around us so that they can one day live the LIFE that God intended for them.